"I was experiencing dropped calls in my office, sometimes during an important teleconference with clients. Williams Communications came up with a solution, and installed it at my location. Since then, all the calls are clear, and I don't have dropped calls anymore."

-Stephen Devine, 3d Houston

Cellphone Signal Amplification

A cell phone signal booster (also known as cellular repeater or amplifier) is a device that boosts cell phone signals to and from your mobile phone whether at home or office or in any vehicle.
It does this by taking the existing cellular signal, amplifying it, and then broadcasting to an area in need of better reception.
If you're experiencing dropped calls, slow or lost internet connection, stuck text messages, poor voice quality, weak coverage, low bars, and other cell phone reception problems, a cell phone signal booster is the best solution that produces definite results.

Williams Communications Solutions

We wil help you identify the type of problem you have, and install the correct amplifier for your needs. We have solutions for office, home or vehicle.