VOIP Devices

Voice over IP phones and devices give flexibility and convenience to your phone system. These devices are not constrained by the traditional restrictions of a phone line system. Features can include High Definition Audio and video converencing. High Definition enhances the frequency range improving conversations and assuring that every word is as clear as if you were communicating in the same room.


The IP290 is a more basic, no frills business phone. This phone gives the flexibility of VoIP at a low cost. Best suited for lobby areas and courtesy phones. Great for offices with only 2 phones.

IP320 V3

The IP320 V3 is one of the historically most popular phones. With 12 buttons for feature keys, it is an IP phone that has a lot in common with traditional desktop phones.



The IP620-BG has a brilliant color display, Two Gigabit Ethernet connections; one for the phone and the other for aPC. The IP620-BG has 8 SIP account keys which can be used as individual SIP accounts or as feature keys.


The GXP2160 features support for 6 lines, Gigabit ports and is ideal for users who handle high call volumes. Perfect for Enterprise & SMB customers with the need for quality and versatility in their desktop communications.


The GXV3275 Video IP Phone for Androidâ„¢ combines a 6-line IP video phone with a multi-platform video conferencing solution and the functionality of an Android tablet to offer an all-in-one communications solution.

IPitomy Communicator

The IPitomy Soft phone is designed to turn any Windows based PC into a powerful telephone. It automatically integrates advanced features like viewing the status of all users, Click to Dial, Dialing Contacts, Chat, Call recording.

Grandstream Wave

Grandstream Wave is a FREE softphone application that allows users to make and receive voice calls through their business or residential SIP accounts on any Androidâ„¢ device (version 4.0+) from anywhere in the world.


The GXP2200EXT extension module is supported by the GXP2140, GXV3240 and GXP2200. The module includes 20 dual-colored extension keys and 2 arrow keys for page switching and features a backlit LCD screen for easy viewing.